ELP-2017 Timeline

Tasks Interim Dates*
Call for Submission of Projects to Companies November 2016
Deadline for Submission of Projects 1st week of December
Shortlisting of Projects 2nd week of December
Selection of shortlisted projects by the Faculty Advisors 2nd-3rd week of December
Student Orientation 1st week of January
Allocation of projects by Advisors to Student groups 1st week of January
Enrollment of students for ELP Course 1st-2nd week of January
ELP Start Date January 16, 2017
Establishing contacts with Organizations to formulate the TORs 3rd-4th week of January
Final TOR submission to client, advisor, coordinator for feedback 4th week of January
Interim Report presentation (Mid review) 1st-2nd week of April
Final Report presentation 1st-2nd week of June