FAQs - Faculty

  • How do I choose a project?
    Ans. List of projects available will be shared with the Faculty Advisors and the advisors can then choose the projects depending on their area of expertise, on a first come first serve basis through an online bidding system.
  • How will students choose their Faculty Advisors and Projects?
    Ans. Once the ELP projects are assigned to faculty advisors, students are required to contact them on an immediate basis to have details about the allocated projects. Details of faculty advisors and the projects will be uploaded on the ELP website soon after they are distributed among faculty members. Students are required to Fill out the 'ELP Registration & Enrollment Form' and send it to the ELP coordinator as soon as they finalize the project and the faculty advisor.
  • Do we need to visit the company's premises during ELP?
    Ans. The nature of work and visits to the client company vary from project to project and depend completely on the requirements of the client company.
  • How will students' attendance be ensured?
    Ans. Students in a group will prepare a weekly attendance log sheet which will be signed by the company representative and the faculty advisor. The log sheet will be submitted to the you, every week.
  • How will we keep track of the Project status?
    Ans. The ELP faculty advisors will use the monthly report format provided to keep track of their groups.
  • What is the Grading Criteria for ELP?
    Ans. Each faculty advisor should devise their own method of grading the students, keeping in view that 80% of the grade lies with the faculty and 20% with the company.
  • What are the milestones in the ELP Course?
    There are 3 milestones: Formation of Terms of Reference (TOR), Mid-Review Presentation and Final Review Presentation.
  • Can we revise the TORs after they have been finalized?
    Ans. TORs can be reviewed and revised even after their finalization if there is a substantial increase in the output of the project. Faculty needs to make a judgment call in this regard.
  • How is the faculty paid for participating in ELP?
    Payment method for faculty:
    • Full time faculty:
      Full-time faculty will be given 1 course waiver in lieu of six projects
    • Visiting Faculty:
      Payment = (No. of assigned projects/6) X (Supervisory rate) X 28 (Each session of 75 minutes)
  • Can Faculty advisors share their workload?
    Ans. Yes, in case faculty members are sharing workload, ERP course registration will mention the two faculty members' names.
  • Does IBA require final reports from student groups?
    Ans. Yes, students must first submit their final reports/presentations to the faculty advisors upon completion of the project. The students must then send their project works including reports and presentations along with the Final Review Form to the ELP Coordinators via email.