FAQs - Students

  • What is ELP?
    Ans. ELP is a management consulting intervention under which students in the form of groups (4-5 students per group), conducts primary and field research, analyze the issue that warrants investigation and find cost effective implementable solutions for partner organizations. The aim of this program does not only entail the acquisition of industry knowledge, but also embodies an effort to help our students integrate their functional learning in an integrated holistic manner and apply them to resolve the problems faced by corporate clients.
  • What's the eligibility to enroll for the ELP?
    Ans. Following are the eligibility criteria for the enrollment in the ELP:
    1. Student should belong to a BBA program only
    2. Student who is transferred either in BBA or BS-ACF programs in/from Fall 2018 semester is allowed to take ELP
    3. Student should be in his/her final semester with no more than 2-3 courses left apart from the ELP
    4. Courses to be taken either in evenings or on weekends
    5. Both the social and corporate internship documents are submitted with the CDC (Check your record in the ERP/unofficial transcript)
  • What's the total duration the ELP?
    Ans. ELP projects are spread over a semester. In some cases, the project might finish earlier or later than the stipulated time period.
  • How many students can be part of a group?
    Ans. 4 to 5 students can team up to carry out their ELP.
  • How do I register for the ELP?
    Please follow the registration steps mentioned in the Student Section.
  • How do I choose my faculty advisor and project?
    Ans. Once the ELP projects are assigned to faculty advisors, students are required to contact them on an immediate basis to have details about the allocated projects. Details of faculty advisors and the projects are generally uploaded on the ELP website soon after they are distributed among faculty members. Keep checking your inbox and ELP website on a regular basis for further updates. Fill out the 'ELP Enrollment Form' and send it to the ELP coordinators, Mr. Danish Imtiaz at Mr. Shiraz Ahmed at mentioning "ELP Registration Form" in the subject line as soon as you finalize your project and faculty advisor.
  • Can students bring a project through their own contacts? How can they do it?
    Ans. Yes, students have the option of bringing project(s) through their own warm contacts. Students are required to connect point(s) of contact at the company with the ELP coordinators so that they can educate them about the ELP modalities and let them know the procedure to register project(s) available at their end.
  • Can I choose a project based on my interests/majors?
    Ans. Yes, students can discuss their interests/majors with their faculty advisors and take projects based to their skills and expertise; subject to the availability of the project.
  • Can I change a project once it is assigned to my group?
    Ans. No, students are not allowed to change their projects once they have been assigned to them by the faculty advisors.
  • Can I take additional courses along with the ELP?
    Ans. Final semester students can only take 2 courses along with the ELP.
  • Can I take additional courses along with the ELP?
    Ans. Students are only allowed to take 2 to 3 courses along with the ELP which can be taken either in evenings or on weekends.
  • Which days will I need to allocate for ELP?
    Ans. Project days are from Monday-Friday; which means you can take courses either in evenings or on weekends
  • Will I be allowed to attend the recruitment drives and activities on weekdays?
    Ans. You have to abide by company's rules and regulations and inform them beforehand of your absence in case of recruitment drives. Companies have all the right to refuse your request of absence and failure to compliance may affect your overall grading & evaluation.
  • Do I need to go to the client premises every day during the ELP?
    Ans. The nature of work and visits to the client company vary from project to project and depend completely on the requirements of the client organization.
  • Will be there any remuneration for the work I do?
    Ans. There is no mandatory requirement from IBA for companies to pay remuneration; however, students can discuss this aspect with the company at the start of the project while developing the TOR.
  • Will the cost of traveling be covered by IBA or the company?
    Ans. IBA will not cover any traveling or other related costs, and there is no requirement for the companies to do the same. However, the students can discuss this aspect with the company at the beginning of the project.
  • How many exams or review will be part of the project?
    Ans. There will be a midterm evaluation and a final evaluation.
  • What is the grading criteria for ELP?
    Ans. Due to varied nature of each project, your faculty advisor and company supervisor set the grading criteria. 80% of the grading weight lies with the faculty advisor whereas 20% with the company supervisor.
  • Does IBA require documentation from student groups?
    Ans. Yes, students are required to submit their TORs, mid-review presentations/reports, and final reports and presentations to the ELP office via LMS after the endorsement of their faculty advisor and company supervisor