Grading Criteria

12 Credit hours are allotted to the ELP for BBA students whereas 6 credit hours are for the BS-Accounting & Finance students, therefore, a thorough evaluation is requested from each of the Faculty Advisors. Each faculty advisor should devise their own method of grading the students, keeping in view that 80% of the grade lies with the faculty and 20% with the company.

A successful project includes:

  • Identification and conceptualization of problem by students
  • Excellent guiding and mentoring by faculty advisor
  • Well-structured project plan. Phase-wise deadlines/deliverables/resources needed list etc.
  • Project methodology and tools/data collection technologies
  • Efficient/effective team work and healthy cooperation and team dynamics. Good client-student relationship
  • Top quality reports and deliverables
  • Open communication and feedback between students – advisor and students - client.