Project Details - 2015

ELP Company Area of Investigation Project Description
Al-Rahim Textile New ventures / Feasibility Studies, Strategic Analysis & Management, Marketing Strategy, Supply Chain Management, Study and Research: Strategies for Retail Layout Al-Rahim textile is launching its brand 'Kapray' which would encompass a number of consumer goods such as clothing and furniture, for which a market research needs to be carried out in identifying growth areas for the the venture. This would give further assistance in planning a marketing Strategy, brand build up, and supply chain management.
Al-Shaheer Corporation Strategic Analysis & Management, Marketing Strategy To revamp the business model and experience of Khaas Meat store.
Alternate Research Financial Analysis We are to prepare financial valuation models for three companies from the fertilizer sector of Pakistan. As per the requirement of our sponsor, we have been assigned three major players of this sector. These are ENGRO Fertilizer, Fauji Fertilizer Company Limited and Fauji Fertilizer bin Qasim Limited.
Amreli Steels Ltd New ventures / Feasibility Studies Design a feasibility report on setting up an export-oriented fruit processing manufacturing plant in Pakistan. Inclusive in the project is detailed assessment of fruit pulp applications, market, customers, competition, business economics, product characteristics, manufacturing process and risks.
APLL Pakistan Management Control Systems, Strategic Analysis & Management, Supply Chain Management, Financial Management, Process re-engineering and Change Management

"A) The team will work on optimization, work load sharing and maximum utilization of current resources with highest attainable efficiency. The team will work to identify an improved working pattern with the support center GSC (Global Service Center) in China in addition to working on the billing pattern and rates communications with GSC.

In short, the students will understand, evaluate, examine and audit the overall current process starting from booking placement by customer, obtaining shipping instructions, planning better equipment for shipment, billing, processing, warehousing, trucking, logistics, LEAN and other overall management of the following key account customers of APL.

1. Nike
2. Marks ↦ Spencer

The team will need to analyze the processes in finding the bottlenecks at different stages. The increasing volumes in coming months will help the team find potential optimization possibilities and recommendations.

B) Settlement of ICO transaction accumulated balance of receivable and payable in the balance sheet of APL Logistics Pakistan CE L419, The ICO transactions are mainly due to following reasons.

- ICO Network Charges.
- GFC/ RAC service Fees.
- Expatriate Salary.
- Due to income/ payment on behalf."

ARPATECH Pvt. Ltd. New ventures / Feasibility Studies, Marketing Strategy Responsibilities include to lead a team of five in the planning, marketing and execution of a 'soon-to-be-launched' online shopping portal, based on an international business model. The project also entails checking the feasibility of such a portal based on the research conducted.
Avari Towers Karachi Supply Chain Management We are required to observe, analyze and improve the back as well as front end processes of the Hotel's five restaurants. The aim is to increase the efficiency of service in all of the restaurants and therefore drive higher customer satisfaction. A deep understanding of the entire supply chain of the restaurants is needed.
Avari Towers Ltd. Human Resource Restructuring The ELP at Avari requires us to study the two core functions at the firm: Performance and Compensation Structure. We are expected to review, analyze, evaluate, and then suggest a recommended Performance Appraisal form as well as a Compensation Package that is internally and externally aligned to the hotel industry
Avari Towers, Karachi Marketing Strategy The purpose of this final semester ELP project for Avari Hotel is to identify the brand positioning of Avari Hotel, Karachi (Restaurants/Food and Beverages) in the leisure market and the Y- Generation. The project's focus would also work upon increasing the footfall in Avari Hotel, Karachi in general and its restaurants in specific. Consumer research shall also be gathered for gaining valuable insights with regards to the brand and its current positioning in the mind of the consumer. Furthermore, a literature review shall be done as well in order to gather valuable secondary data in this area of research.
Bank Alfalah Financial Management Internal Models Approach requires the bank to develop robust internal risk measurement methodologies. The project will require students to develop robust statistical models to effectively measure the market risk on Bank Alfalah's on and off balance sheet exposures. This will involve detailed analysis of bank's balance sheet to identify sources of bank's market risk exposure, in order to develop an effective statistical methodology to measure and quantify the market risk faced by the bank.
Beach Luxury Hotel Supply Chain Management

"The key deliverables that will be presented in our final report are given below:

  • Analysis of current procurement and purchase management systems.
  • Proposals to better streamline purchase and procurement methods in a cost effective manner.
  • Suggestions on management of relationship with vendors based on the timing and accuracy of delivery and the terms agreed upon with different vendors.
  • Propositions to manage inventory control systems taking into account the seasonality in the hospitality industry.
  • Useful ideas adopted through industry comparison."
Coca Cola Beverages Pakistan Ltd Retail The project is designed around shopper behavior observation, deriving insights from the research carried in Modern Trade outlets and suggesting to Coca Cola what action plan they should and can follow in order to boost sales in these retail outlets. The second phase of the project is to gauge the effectiveness of retail activation and lastly, we are to be engaged in the planning and execution of promotional campaign.
Continental Biscuits ltd. New ventures / Feasibility Studies, Marketing Strategy, Social Media Campaign and Trade marketing

"Project 1: CBL wants to explore in other categories of with respect to the food category. We are required to carry out a feasibility study with regard to the new category.

Project 2: The objective is to re-introduce the concept of game shows which are fading for the Prince biscuits target market. As part of our research we shall be looking into the prospective branded content formats.

Project 3: Interaction with the agency to see ensure there is an increase in brand presence of TUC with its World Cup digital campaign. Also do retail visits to ensure clutter breaking positioning for TUC. "

Cyan Capital Research on precedent transactions The Investment Team at Cyan is currently working on the telecom sector and infrastructure sharing business in particular for its portfolio company, Towershare (TS). TS started its operations in Pakistan and is currently in the growth phase whereby it will be expanding its telecom tower portfolio through construction contracts and tower acquisitions. Hence, in the next 12 months, TS will be evaluating and executing tower deals and Cyan will be closely involved in all the transactions through different stages. Therefore, Cyan requires research on precedent transactions to understand the dynamics of tower deals and gain valuable insights.
Dawn News Marketing Strategy, Product Development

"Project undertaken pertained to DAWN News' cricket world cup television game show of 75 episodes.

Responsible for planning and executing digital and print marketing strategies for the television show.

Assisted in devising show format and producing content for various televised segments.

Developed and maintained excel-based dashboards for episode-wise content delivery, selection of show segments, production schedule and supporting print and digital promotion collateral.

Mobilized resources and assisted in executing the shooting schedule to facilitate smooth operations of show production.

Maintained thorough liaison with the marketing, production, product development and creative departments to foster integration of activities across the value chain."

Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan Ltd. New ventures / Feasibility Studies, Strategic Analysis & Management, Marketing Strategy, Research, Market Strategy and Brand Persona

"The main objectives are:

1) Reassess the DIB Brand Persona through Customer Survey, focus groups and Marketing Research.

2) Study the strategic shift in the Business expansion from small bank with a few but large ticket size clients to a growing larger bank with higher volume but smaller ticket size clients.

3) The assessment of successful delivery in the Bank's promise of World Class Banking – The Islamic Way through a bigger geographic distribution network but smaller size branches and booths)

4) Viability in mass market products against niche products and the cost to income benefit"

EFU General Insurance Ltd Marketing Strategy

"The Project is about to develop develop the sales and Brand strategy for EFU Auto Insurance. It is divided into three parts.

1) Dealer Research: This includes an investigation into the behavior of both 3 S and Non 3 S Dealers.

2) Consumer Research: This includes an investigation into the behavior of Consumers to gauge the motivations that impact the consumers to move towards Car insurance and what is EFU positioning in the minds of the consumers.

3) The third stage is to design brand strategy for EFU insurance and also come up with a Sales Strategy."

Engro Supply Chain Management

"Research on Green Procurement strategies in order to offer recommendations and suggestions towards effective and sustainable procurement to Engro Fertilizers. This includes:

1. Creating awareness of environmental impact for Engro Fertilizer

2. Developing guidelines for green procurement for Engro Fertilizer

3. Rethinking material requirements, consumption and procurement methods for Engro Fertilizer

4. Formulation of a technique to reduce the use of hazardous materials; improving energy efficiency of purchased materials for Engro Fertilizer

5. Coming up with ways to further reduce pollution and noise levels and using recycled materials, and recycling waste for Engro

6. Branding Engro Fertilizer as a Green Purchaser

7. Educate all employees on the requirements of "green" procurement programs, their roles and responsibilities relevant to these programs and the opportunities to purchase green products and services

8. Increase purchases of green products and services consistent with the demands of mission, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, with continual improvement toward procurement goals."

Engro Fertilizers Strategic Analysis & Management

"Conduct a Critical analysis of EFERT cost structure, production and raw materials as compared to its local competitors and international competitors

Develop a benchmarking dashboard for future performance measurement in the fertilizer industry"

Engro Fertilizers Strategic Analysis & Management To conduct a critical analysis of Engro Fertilizer's cost structure, marketing reach and operations and to compare it with both local and international players after which a practical benchmarking dashboard is to be created for use by the company for measurement of its performance.
Engro Foods Limited Management Control Systems, Process re-engineering and Change Management

"The project attempts to address the gaps analyzed in the Departments of 'Sales Collection' and 'Accounts Payables'. For this purpose, SOPs for each process in the departments are being designed. Also value stream maps for each process will be made to identify gaps and give recommendations to restructure processes wherever required.

The project also involves aligning JDs with SOPs in order to make it clearer as to who is accountable for which decision."

Express Media Group Human Resource Restructuring Express currently does not have a state of the art performance management system. The HR there is outdated. They have allocated us certain jobs in express TV and express newspaper for which we need to conduct a through job analysis and use the JD to map out competencies and performance standards which will then become a part of the appraisal. We also need to recommend a software that they can use to automate their system.
Foundation Securities Ltd Marketing Strategy

"This project involves creating a marketing and sales plan for FSL. Currently FSL is limited in this department and want us to develop marketing and sales plan. Their marketing and sales effort is ad hoc and inefficient. FSL's product portfolio consists of online stock and commodity trading. But for this project only stock trading will be focused upon. FSL doesn't have a proper and staffed marketing dept, and is not leveraging its competitive advantage i.e. the lowest commission rates in the industry.

Beside this, this project also involves developing action plans so as to leverage FSL's imminent takeover by Askari Bank."

General Tyre and Rubber company Pakistan Limited Marketing Strategy Formulate a marketing strategy for General tyres to improve Brand perception in the replacement market for 14" and 15" passenger car tyre consumers.
HBL Marketing Strategy

"HBL has launched two youth product HBL iD(18-24) and HMC(under 18). These products aim to introduce banking to youth by giving them their own deposit account and associated instruments (example Chequebook, Debit Card)

The project requires that a marketing strategy be defined for these two products wrt target market and competitive products.

Customer Engagement

  • Determine Target Market interests and habits
  • Identify medium of communication
  • Suggest optimum media and strategy specific to the suggested media

Distribution engagement – all HBL products are marketed and sold through the branch network, under this head the following is required

  • Identify 3 innovative go-to-market techniques (for creating product sales)
  • Develop 2 branch engagement strategies for boosting product sales through branch network"
ICI Pakistan Ltd New ventures / Feasibility Studies, Management Control Systems

"ICI has been facing problems with the collection of proper feedback from the customers as well as employees. The company needs to know the requirements of the customers so that they can become more market oriented and achieve customer satisfaction. They also need to know the employees' view in this regard so that they can facilitate them with the proper channel linking them to the internal customers as well as external customers.

Feasibility Report:-

The team has to first identify the major and minor problems by conducting meetings with the relevant personnel and customers. The research will help in identifying the need of a CRM system for the company. A feasibility report of the CRM system will be prepared by the team comprising of the following main aspects:

  • The need for a CRM System
  • The components of a CRM system
  • Analysis of the feasibility for the system for each division and the support departments
  • Budgets and Long Term Returns on Investment (Financial feasibility)
  • Labor, overheads and material required for the implementation of the system.
  • Implementation Plan with resource requirements and contingencies
  • Controls and Authorization
  • Vendors for a CRM System
  • Importance and Future outlook"
Inbox Business Technologies Financial Management

"Project: Establish a proper Project Cost Sheet which will decide whether or not to undertake a project, covering following aspects;

  • Expected Revenues
  • Cost of Goods Sold / Sales
  • Gross Profit
  • Financing Costs
  • Other Costs
  • Net Profit"
Intergrated Dynamics New ventures / Feasibility Studies, Marketing Strategy While drones are unlikely to become a part of our daily lives in the immediate future, they will soon begin taking on much larger roles for businesses. It is estimated that 12% of an estimated $98 billion in cumulative global spending on aerial drones over the next decade will be for commercial purposes (Business Insider). Integrated Dynamics wants to tap onto this market potential for quad-copters and make the best use of their state of art technology while facilitating activities for various businesses.
J. Junaid Jamshed Management Control Systems, Marketing Strategy The project is divided into two major parts: to help improve the Customer Relationship Program for the company, and to provide a 360 degree feedback on the J. brand and provide recommendations to reposition the brand as desirable to the youth. The team will also help develop a marketing strategy aimed at capturing the younger segments of the market.
Jubilee General Insurance New ventures / Feasibility Studies, Financial Management Conduct a feasibility study to set up idea incubators in various universities in Pakistan with a self sustaining revenue model.
K-Electric Marketing Strategy

"KE's Satisfaction Index:

Firstly, the organization requires a full-fledged research on K-Electric's satisfaction index upon which it determines the customer reaction and feedback with respect to the range of services it is providing. The main objective of this research is not only to spot the problem areas but also to understand the brand perception.

Increase in validated database:

The objective is to increase the database through 8119 registration, the advantages of this service will be shared, which the students will then communicate at IBA to achieve an agreed upon number of validated registrations.

Revamping the KE Bill:

There are two main questions that needs to be answered, i.e. 1) what are the top 5 things a consumer looks at in the KE bill and 2) What is missing/should also be included in our bill? The students are free to come up with further suggestions on content, layout etc.

Positioning of Stake holder Engagement in High Loss Areas:

A high loss area will be assigned to visit and conduct a door to door study, to address the issue of power theft. The purpose of the survey is to determine in what ways the organization can engage with the consumers in the area, at a one-on-one level, at a community level and through the IBCs.

IBC Management:

KE has 28 IBCs located in different places, offering 1 window solutions to the consumers of that area. One of the top low-loss IBC will be nominated where one month of observation study is to be conducted in the customer service section, listing details of the consumer grievances such as nature of complaint, what percentage of complaints are resolved daily, approximately how long it takes the consumer from the time they get their token till they reach the counter – then till their complaint is addressed/resolved, etc."

Karam Ceramics Human Resource Restructuring, Strategic Analysis & Management, Marketing Strategy, Supply Chain Management
  • Develop Mission/ Vision for the company
  • Market Research – Dealers Feedback Questionnaire
  • Industry, Competition & Market
  • Industry Analysis – Porter's five-force model
  • SWOT Analysis
  • PLEST Analysis
  • Marketing Plan
  • Design a Slogan
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Business Strategy
  • Recommendations "
MCB New ventures / Feasibility Studies, Marketing Strategy To establish a pilot Eco pay system in IBA using mcblite, and spread the awareness on mobile wallets
Meat One Human Resource Restructuring, Strategic Analysis & Management, Marketing Strategy

1. Customer Service Project:

  • How is it done?
  • What are the international standards?
  • Measures on how to monitor
  • Reevaluate existing practices via a checklist

2. HR Manuals Training modules

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Selling

3. Marketing Strategy for Qurbani & Aqeeqa

  • Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning
  • Marketing timeline
  • Marketing ideas – Out Of Home
  • Marketing plan
  • Trade operations"
Meat One Marketing Strategy The project is aimed at improving shopper retail experience and creating guidelines for current and future store layouts to improve effectiveness of product placements, in-store communication as well as store ambiance bringing an element of consistency across stores.
Millward Brown Brand Positioning Millward Brown is an international research and public relation agency. They just opened a office Pakistan , before this they had been operating in Pakistan through Dubai. Since Millward Brown has just moved into Pakistani markets , they want us to carry out a research through which we identify the preferences of the local clients. On the basis of our research we are required to identify the gap in the market on the basis of which we are going to propose a Brand Positioning for the company.
Mushko Electronics (Pvt.) Limited Management Control Systems, Strategic Analysis & Management, Process re-engineering and Change Management

"Mushko is facing a serious problem in work process management due to lack of manuals and SOPs. In order to operate efficiently and smoothly, they want a third party to develop the internal controls for their procedures, before that they want to improve on their current methods of working. With mutual understanding, it was decided to divide the project into three phases - (1) Mapping the current procedures (2) Identifying loopholes in current procedures; and (3) suggesting SOPs with improved internal controls to increase the efficiency in operations.

The project calls for interaction with all departments of the company. Hence, the work has been divided accordingly amongst the team members."

NOWPDP Project Development NOWPDP is an organizational dedicated to advocating and advancing the rights of people with disabilities. The Rickshaw Project was initiated in 2012. It is a project initiated by NOWPDP. Our purpose is to build on the accomplishments of this project and increase its reach and sustainabilityand empowering via employment and demonstrative inclusion in action by creating highly visible, ''moving'' platform for advocating issues regarding the rights of persons with disabilities
NOWPDP New ventures / Feasibility Studies, Marketing Strategy, Resource Mobilization strategies, Financial Management

"Heartwork is a project of Nowpdp that works in two key areas; skill development trainings of people with disabilities and sale of handmade products made by people with disabilities. The aim of the project is to develop skills of people with disabilities such as paper making, textile designing, screen printing, weaving and provide them avenues where they gain access to markets to sell their products

Our involvement with Heartwork is across all levels, that includes trainings in schools, marketing and sale of Heartwork's products, identification of new markets, establish alliances with media groups and textile houses, make a plan for in house vocational training institute, plan and execute a textile launch, measure impact of Heartwork and ensure it meets its sustainability aspect too."

Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund New ventures / Feasibility Studies

"The project involves studying and expanding the business model for PPAF's Domestic Worker Capacity Building Program that deals with the training and placement of domestic workers.

A demand side need assessment will be conducted which will address the current bottlenecks in placing trainee domestic workers in relation to the available supply.

The final report will consist of market demand forecasts, required skill levels and kinds for different categories of workers and a placement strategy to establish the program in the market. "

PCI Group New ventures / Feasibility Studies, Strategic Analysis & Management, Marketing Strategy

"PCI Group has pioneered itself in flooring and carpeting industry. So far they are dealing in B2B market, our job is to find out where the brand PCI stands in the market then transform that image to move into B2C market.

We have to make next five years plan for PCI's B2C segment which will cover all aspects of the journey. "

PeaceNiche (NGO) New ventures / Feasibility Studies, Strategic Analysis & Management, Marketing Strategy, Financial Management, redesigning business processes and developing a sustainable business model

"The project aims firstly to increase PeaceNiche's reach, via it's first project T2F, in order to develop new audience and increase awareness of it's work in art and culture, science and technology and advocacy.

Secondly, the aim is also to develop a sustainable business model in order to allow PeaceNiche to survive as an organization well into the future rather than collapse after it's charismatic Founder leaves that position. To that end students are following and working on a few of PeaceNiche's current undertakings in order to analyse existing business processes and recommend changes/improvements.

Pizza Hut (MCR Pvt Ltd.) Marketing Strategy Project entails to cover four major areas including market research, customer profiling, new product development and advertising in relation to its flagship brands Pizza Hut and Burger King.
Princely Jets Pvt. Ltd. New ventures / Feasibility Studies, Marketing Strategy

"Princely Jets (Pvt.) Ltd, a subsidiary of Akbar Group of Companies, is a Private Aircraft Charter Company that provides Jet and Helicopter services in Pakistan. Their products include Aircraft charter, Helicopter Charter, Air Ambulance Service and Firefighter Service.

We propose to work around the following 3 objectives during our 4-month Experiential Learning Program.

  • Educating the market
  • Finding new opportunities and refining existing ones for rotary and fixed wing equipment in different sectors
  • Partnerships for utilizing opportunities in new markets "
READsylexics Strategic Analysis & Management, Marketing Strategy, Resource Mobilization strategies, Financial Management Our project is based on doing a complete analysis of the financials of the institute to figure out why it is doing poorly in terms of profits. Project's other part is to create and implement a thorough marketing strategy and rebrand the institute. They want to enter and also be seen as an institute which wants to help with literacy and trainings in the mainstream.
Reckitt Benckiser Human Resource Restructuring

"Restructuring of 2 main strategic areas of HR:

Employee engagement: Research on best practices across various top tier organizations in the FMCG and Pharmaceutical sectors of Pakistan. Collate this with current practices in RB Pakistan taking a deep dive into gaps existing and give recommendations in order to develop a roadmap for employee engagement strategies for 2015.

Talent Management: Research on strategies across various top tier organizations in the FMCG and Pharmaceutical sectors of Pakistan and develop strategies for hi-pots and graduate recruits in RB Pakistan.

Also benchmark RB Pakistan's organizational structure against top tier organizations and submit recommendations."

Reckitt Benkiser New ventures / Feasibility Studies

"Market research on the feasibility of introducing a hot wax variant for Veet in parlors.

Research involves survey of parlors in Karachi pertaining to waxing solutions, plus detailed analysis of findings and final recommendation."

Shanzoo Technologies Inc. New ventures / Feasibility Studies Students will study and evaluate business model which is used by Indian companies such as Tata Consulting Services, Vipro, Hindustan Limited, Igate etc in terms of providing staff augmentation services, Off-shore , near shore and blended outsourcing services. The company intends to expand to offices outside Pakistan and students will be required to develop detailed business plan, feasibility, marketing strategy, guideline etc.
Shell Pakistan Limited (Shell Tameer) New ventures / Feasibility Studies Prepare a feasibility study of introducing adult literacy as part of the Tameer offering as well as standalone program for Shell Contract staff including haulier, forecourt staff and others like lubricant customers in far flung areas.
SMEDA New ventures / Feasibility Studies The project includes conducting in depth research of three businesses: packing and moving services, pick and drop services and photovoltaic systems. On the basis of the research, the objective is to prepare a pre feasibility report on the above mentioned three projects. It will include the financial feasibility of the above businesses, critical factors involved, geographic market to be covered etc.
Social Impact Lab-IBA CED New ventures / Feasibility Studies, Management Control Systems, Resource Mobilization strategies To set up a Social Impact Lab at IBA. In the phase of setting it up, decide what its objectives are and how it would go about achieving them. Complete all initial paper work and get the operations started before the end of project.
Tameer Micro Finance Bank Ltd. New ventures / Feasibility Studies, Management Control Systems, Strategic Analysis & Management, Resource Mobilization strategies The initial phase of the project involves in depth research about the organization, it's operations, risk management (an extremely crucial part of any financial institution) and culminates in the development of a strategy for microfinance interventions for provision of energy solutions/ products as well as in Education and strategy development for both , for the bottom-of-the-pyramid consumers. It will also include a detailed analysis of the legal and regulatory environment governing the energy sector with particular emphasis on existing framework (if available) or regulatory gaps for micro energy solutions and market strategies and pilot plans.
Tata Best Foods Ltd. New ventures / Feasibility Studies, Marketing Strategy

"Tata Best Foods, a subsidiary of Tata Group which owns Tata Textiles, export raw red meat to the Gulf and to other countries. They plant to enter the domestic market now.

Apart from this, they believe the brand needs to be revamped as it will not make the desired impact on the local customers, who might associate it with Tata Group of India.

Hence, our group will work on this project to suggest ideas in order to revamp Tata Best Foods as a brand, conduct market feasibility study and help them launch themselves in the domestic market."

Trade Development Authority of Pakistan New ventures / Feasibility Studies, Management Control Systems, Human Resource Restructuring, Strategic Analysis & Management, Marketing Strategy, Financial Management, Process re-engineering and Change Management

"The task we have been provided is to revive the Pakistan Institute of Gems and Jewelry. This institute comes under TDAP and has been dysfunctional for 16 years. We are required to make a new management plan for the institute in which we have to mainly focus on the training and development of human resource of Gems and Jewelry sector of Pakistan.

Furthermore, we have to develop a sustainable business model for the institute so that the institute is able to generate revenue for itself and be independent. Although, the control of the institute will remain in the hands of TDAP but due to shortage of funds in the Government sector it is very essential that the institute generates funds for itself. "

Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) Management Control Systems, Strategic Analysis & Management, Marketing Strategy The project entails conducting a feasibility research on restructuring The Carpet Training Institute, Karachi. The institute was set up in 1992 in collaboration with Pakistan Carpet Manufacturers and Exporters Association but has failed to continue to operate since 2005. The project expects the students to identify problems faced by the institute, outline a budgeted plan for its revival and to devise strategies to ensure its self sustainability in subsequent years.
UBL Marketing Strategy The Project is regarding conducting a research on Customer Satisfaction. We need to find out that whether UBL customers are being satisfied at each of our touch points or not and what to do in case of dissatisfaction and what are the areas of improvements?
UBL Marketing Strategy

"The ELP project focuses on strengthening the UBL ADCs portfolio which could be both exciting and convenient to its customers. The suggested ADCs segments would be expected to launch in short to medium time period.

Hence, it has been divided into following components:

  • Identification of new market opportunities - Investigative research on local and international ADCs market
  • SWOT & Competitor's Analysis
  • Marketing Communication Plan "
UBL Strategic Analysis & Management, Marketing Strategy, Process re-engineering and Change Management Rolling out a new remittance product in Dubai and Bahrain (pilot project), from vendor management to marketing.
UBL Strategic Analysis & Management, Process re-engineering and Change Management

The project involves ongoing interaction between group members and UBLOmni team. It includes the evaluation of the newly launched indirect distribution model entities spread across Karachi. Each student in the group is assigned one such entity closest to their area of residence. They will share their evaluation done on the back of field visits and data analysis (to be provided by Omni) and PIP=performance improvement plan with sales team as well.

The key concepts to be covered will include as follows:


The art and science of territory management

  • Business planning
  • Resource deployment
  • Training and development
  • Customer satisfaction(retailer)
    • KPI definition and measurement
    • Business development
    • Salesforce management.
    • Time series/comparative analytics/Benchmarking"
UBL Ameen Training material for employees We have have been given a task of writing and editing a book on Islamic banking. And to make presentations and training material from the book for UBL employees.
UBL Omni New ventures / Feasibility Studies, Marketing Strategy Our project is based on the marketing strategy of UBL Omni. The objective of the project is to change the behavior of the students to pay through Omni instead of cash and they want to implement this model on IBA. For this we need to work on both the demand side and the supply side. Demand side is the students of IBA and supply side is the retailers of IBA. So we need to develop the marketing strategy to persuade students to open omni accounts as well as to bring retailers of iba on board to accept payments on digital mode instead of cash.