Registration Process

Following is the eligibility criteria for the enrollment in the ELP:

1. Student should belong to a BBA program only. Transferred students of Fall 2018 either in BBA or BS-ACF programs are allowed to take ELP

2. Student should be admitted in the final semester with no more than 2-3 courses left apart from the ELP

3. Remaining courses to be taken either in evenings or on weekends

4. Both the social and corporate internship documents are submitted to the CDC (check your record in the ERP)

  • Step 1: ELP Coordinator(s) seek projects from different organizations across multiple industries. The company representatives submit their projects to the ELP Coordinator for further processing. All projects undergo a thorough screening & evaluation process; after which they are assigned to the respective faculty advisors as per their areas of interests/preferences. Students who are willing to bring projects through their personal/professional references, can coordinate with the ELP Coordinators, Mr. Danish Imtiaz at and Mr. Shiraz Ahmed at
  • Step 2: Formulate a group of 4-5 members (BBA and BSAF final semester students only).
  • Step 3: Once the ELP projects are assigned to faculty advisors, students are required to contact them on an immediate basis to have details about the allocated projects. Details of faculty advisors and the projects are uploaded on the ELP website soon after they are distributed among faculty members and are also emailed to the students. Refer to the timeline, and keep checking your inbox and ELP website on a regular basis for further updates.
  • Step 4: Fill out the ‘ELP Enrollment Form’ and email it to the ELP coordinators mentioning “ELP Registration Form” in the subject line as soon as you finalize your project and the faculty advisor. Keep your faculty advisor in the loop (cc) while emailing your form. Alternatively, submit the form in person at the Career Development Center (CDC). Make sure to take consent of your faculty advisor and all the team members on the Enrollment Form before submitting it to the ELP Coordinator(s). Incomplete or inappropriate forms will not be accepted in any case.
  • Step 5: Check your ERP records at least two weeks after you have submitted your enrollment form to confirm your enrollment. Enrollment of ineligible students will not be processed.